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The Pick Brush

The PickBrush is the first new hoof cleaning tool to come along in years. It is uniquely able to clean and brush-out the bottom of the horse's foot with a single action of the operator's hand. 
• The molded-grip handle of the PickBrush allows ergonomically correct cleaning. Now you can put the strength and effort into cleaning without worrying about straining your hand.
• The hardened stainless steel pick's durable construction will maintain form through tough cleaning jobs for years to come.
• Tough angled bristles make it easy to brush away debris big or small. They are the perfect complement to the tough pick.
• An easy hang cleat keeps the PickBrush convenient and conveniently storable.
Because of PickBrush's construction, it can easily be used with water to maintain even more pristine cleanliness. DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED!

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