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Welcome to ESPOIR!

SET and ESPOIR..Perfect Together

I met Carolyn The founder of ESPOIR Equestrian at the SPOGA trade show in late 2018. We were both launching brands on the international equestrian scene and I was immediately drawn to the quality and innovation of her brand. We spoke several times during the show and continued to communicate over the following year. As her brand grew and SET refined the method of launching international brands a partnership was formed.
We are very very excited to be launching ESPOIR in North America this summer! We invite you to experience all this brand has to ffer and we look forward to making it available at retailers near you. For now please purchase direct on our site.

I was born with an absolute obsession with horses. A love so deep I could hardly understand it myself. Growing up I spent every second I could with my ponies and later horses. I grew up with them and they become as much a part of me and my story as they could, they have become family. My horses have always stayed a passion more than my career though. Today I enjoy competing my 3 self produced horses at open level in South Africa. After school I studied Architecture for a year. I very quickly realised that all the perpendicular lines and 90 degree angles were soon going to kill every bit of creativity that formed so much of my being. 3 years later I graduated from The Open Window School of Design with my BA Degree in Communication Design. The bizarre combination of passion for business, horses and design quickly came together and Espoir Equestrian was born; an equestrian brand woven with hope, passion and commitment. I consider myself very lucky to be able to live out my passion every day through Espoir. From illustrating custom fabrics, to finding complex design solutions, to manufacturing, marketing, testing to enjoying new products and the successes they have become to the company. How can I be anything less than obsessed! I love my country, the people, their determination, spirit and absolute love for life. I produce as many of my items locally as possible to support local economic growth. The quality of all the products in Espoir is absolutely outstanding. I make sure that we find the perfect balance between creativity, functionality, quality and price. "Design to me is like a creative impulse. It is a feeling of love and enthusiasm for something, and in a direct, simple, passionate and true way, you try to show this beauty in things to others, by designing it." May this be a true testimony in all I do for my company. • Carolyn van Schalkwyk | Managing Director