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Boy O Boy Bridleworks Stirrup Buckle Belts Burgundy Pink

A special collection of Boy O Boy Bridleworks items. For the full collection or to order custom items please visit www.boyoboybridleworks.com

The equestrian belt gets a modern update. Fresh color combinations inspired by the time-honored look of European ribbon browbands let you to make a statement in the ring while staying true to correct, traditional riding attire. Riders and non-riders alike will love the classic-yet-modern touch it adds to any look. Each one is handmade, available in an array of palettes, and finished with a traditional English stirrup buckle. 

  • Unisex styling      
  • 1.5” wide, and will fit comfortably through the belt loops of most major brands of breeches, jeans and khakis 
  •  Available in even sizes 24” – 52.” IMPORTANT: to ensure a good fit, please use a flexible measuring tape and the Boy-O-Boy Sizing & Measuring Guide
  •  Made with top quality American bridle leather, brass or stainless hardware, and durable poly satin and grosgrain ribbon hand-woven around a sturdy webbing base
  •  Lined with soft, durable chap leather
  •  Colorfast and pretreated for stains
  •  Won’t stretch, fade, or run when wet
  • Colors:   Burgundy/Pink,

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